I-502 Laws & Regulations

D&L Enterprises is a family owned and operated, fully licensed Tier III marijuana producer in the state of Washington.

We operate under full compliance of all I-502 laws and regulations. We produce top quality greenhouse grown marijuana.

Our grow process begins with high quality soil, which has been, tested and treated to meet perfect marijuana grow conditions.

We use only state approved, natural pesticides to combat outdoor grow pests.

  Individual Care 

Our plants are hand trimmed and cared for during the grow process with special attention paid to each and every one.

D&L’s goal, in addition to producing a quality product, is to develop quality relationships with processors, retailers and other producers in order to promote Washington’s legal cannabis industry as a whole.

We are dedicated to working with all our partners and customers in order for us all to succeed.

Our Product

Sticky Mantis is named for one of the predators we release into our greenhouses as a natural, alternative pesticide. Imagine how sticky a praying mantis would be living in the cannabis. Yea, that sticky.

Our growers have many years experience mastering the art of cannabis. We understand the culture and are happy to be a part of the community.

 We are looking forward to forming relationships and partnerships with processors, retailers and other producers in the cannabis industry.

*Approved & Natural

*Greenhouse Grown

*Hand trimmed 

*High Quality

* Sun Grown 

* Marijuana